Industrial Energy

In 1984 Mr. Amabile was named Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the organization. Mr. Amabile during his tenure increased sales substantially In addition, help develop premium diesel fuel for trucking companies designed for winter use. The product is commonplace today. (Royal Petroleum is a regional supplier of refined fuel products in the Philadelphia PA regional area. The company has been in existence for over 75 years.)

In 1985 natural gas deregulation came to the marketplace in the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Amabile was at the forefront of this massive change or deregulation of natural gas and how it is purchased on a third party basis. Mr. Amabile was the first to market the BTU concept in which fuel oil and natural gas could be supplied from the same source utilizing savings when appropriate for each source of energy. This supply style is now a standard in the industry due to Mr .Amabile‚Äôs instituting of this concept.

In 1988, Mr. Amabile formed Industrial Energy Total Management and Supply. As the energy markets have 
change with deregulation of natural gas, electricity in some market areas and volatile oil markets. Industrial Energy would be leading the way for supply, marketing, market education and consulting in this ever changing marketplace. Mr. Amabile identified a need in the marketplace to have these services available for customers that included all energy products. Mr .Amabile formed the first company of this kind in the energy industry. In addition, Mr. Amabile has helped spearhead deregulated opportunities in various utilities around the country.

He has written newsletters on deregulation fuel specifications and has spoken at various seminars over the years. Mr. Amabile also belongs to various energy organizations and speaks on a regular basis discussing 
change in the energy market place.

Industrial Energy provides a full site examination. This service includes a complete evaluation of a facility, from analyzing of energy bills, usage information along with recommendations of site specific programs that can assist in providing overall savings.

As a facility works with Industrial Energy the company provides a specific value added service, of consultation and strategy. This service includes an evaluation of the marketplace for the energy products the end user may be consuming. Once this evaluation has occurred a strategy is set in place using hedging along with cost control techniques to capture the greatest economic advantage for the consumer. In summary, the services provided are at no additional charge, and is in conjunction with energy supply from Industrial Energy's sources. These services normally would be separate charges from other entities, however are included as part of unique value that Industrial Energy provides. These attributes immediately accelerate Industrial Energy to a category of distinction at the highest level in the energy industry.

With changes in regulations, purchasing opportunities as a daily occurrence, Industrial Energy and its personnel have the experience to provide the pathway to opportunity and savings.

Industrial Energy provides marketing and supply of all grades of fuel oils, motor fuels, natural gas and electric power. This service consisting of sales and marketing of these products that occur before during and after the process of supply.

Industrial Energy provides all important education. This service entails education regarding regulatory events that are specific to the utility territory in which a particular facility may reside. Or a regulatory change regarding specific events affecting specifications on fuels. In addition, education would include updated information how the de-regulation process works and strategies that can be economically beneficial to the end user.