Total Supply, Management and Energy Consulting

Welcome to Industrial Energy's home page. Industrial Energy has been in business for over 30 years and is a diverse organization that provides a vast array of energy products, support services advisory and energy consulting to the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and the condominium industry. Industrial Energy represents the most reliable and competitive energy supply and support services group in the energy industry.

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At Industrial Energy:

1.) Our staff Energy analyst are available 24-7.
2.) Complete Energy Advisory Service for the end user
3.) Energy Education for the End User
4.) Energy hedging Strategies for the End User

Pricing Programs to fit your Budget

Various pricing programs are available to meet budget needs from short term pricing (fluctuating with market conditions) to a more long term approach (long term fixed pricing using hedging strategies). Industrial Energy can provide sound advice regarding the most economical and common sense approach to the use of energy.


Industrial Energy is a unique organization that provides unprecedented value added services. The company provides four distinct categories of value.


Industrial Energy provides a full site examination. This service includes a complete evaluation of a facility, from analyzing of energy bills, usage information along with recommendations of site-specific programs that can assist in providing overall savings.